Yaaay, I’m so glad you found me!

Since you landed here, chances are that you have ambitious goals to do GOOD in the world and you probably want to find more soul-centered and sustainable ways to accomplish your goals.

My mission is to help amplify the positive impact of purpose-driven women by providing heart-centered productivity support.

When our ambitious endeavors feel overwhelming and complicated, it serves us to adopt an experimental mindset.

We can make more progress, with more ease, when we engage fully in order to learn by experimentation and doing, and embrace the fact that we are "work-in-progress."

By taking a step at a time, you gradually expand your “capacity zone”, building your capacity to accomplish those initially scary but truly aspirational goals. You empower yourself to achieve beyond what you currently feel able to accomplish and deliver deeply meaningful and far-reaching results.

I offer practical and straight forward tools that you can implement in your daily life, connecting your action with those bigger goals, starting right away!

The Three Pillars of my approach

To support you in creating a rich experience of time, this is how I support you:

Inspired Intentions

Set truly inspired and “juicy” intentions for your life and your business.

This clarity will inform you on a daily basis as you prioritize, decide where to put your attention, and where to invest your energy.

With clearly identified intentions and goals, we can better navigate our busy lives, complex relationships, and ever-changing environments with more clarity – and with sanity!

Aligned Action

With clear intentions, we work on how you can align the way you spend your DAYS with how you want to end up living your LIFE.

When you are no longer overwhelmed, or "stretched too thin," you can make significant progress on those most important goals in your life with more joy.

Prioritize with ease and set boundaries to create a sustainable pace toward your goals.

Ever-Evolving Experimentation

Discover, through experimentation, your very personal preference for how to manage your tasks, project, and your schedule.

I'll provide you with tools, practices, and perspectives, from which you can assemble your very own toolbox.

You get to create a truly personalized approach, on that fits and that is dynamic.

Only YOU have the power to truly empower (or disempower) you.

I hope I get to support you as you use your precious time in a way that best supports your life goals and ambitions!

I hope you aim for the most vibrant and unique expression of yourself. The world will be better off for it.

With my dynamic time management framework, you’ll discover how to prioritize, set boundaries with kindness and integrity, and create a sustainable pace as you work toward your most meaningful goals.

What I do is teach you the tools that allow you to use your precious time to accomplish your most treasured goals.


Framework to get from goals to results

"Ulrika was able to provide a framework to understand and develop big-picture thinking around setting goals, as well as establish daily practical steps to get results."

Leeann Alameda, Branding and Marketing Strategist at Alameda Marketing Solutions

Conscious decision making

"If you are looking to invest in self-growth, working with Ulrika through one of her coaching programs will expose you to heightened self-awareness, a fortified tool-kit to organize all those ideas flowing around your brain, and an open mindset that allows for the things that matter to rise to the top when you make room for it and you consciously make decisions that are guided by those values."

Tuyet Tran - Finance Manager

Clearing mind clutter

"Ulrika is a wonderful, insightful coach with a way of helping you clear the “clutter” in your mind. Highly recommend her services!"

Pattie Vargas - Speaker, Author, Recovery Advocate

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